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More Knitting Lessons-Learned

I am making a cute little hoodie for my grandson’s third birthday, adorned with construction trucks. (He loves trucks.) I zoomed through the picture portion of the project, eager to see how it would look. In the process, I made … Continue reading

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Ta Da!

I just finished my first mohair sweater, for myself. I was really worried that all that work might be for naught and it wouldn’t fit. I did extend the pattern three inches on the length of the body and sleeves. … Continue reading

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From Scratch – Goats to Sweater

A friend nudged me to get back in the habit of blogging. It is so easy to slip out of one habit and into another and before you know it, you are off on a new quest and forget all … Continue reading

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Mohair Harvest

So, a few days after the goats were sheared, I am deep into the mohair processing. A combination of the boys having grown and a much more thorough shearing generated easily twice as much fleece as I was able to harvest … Continue reading

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The Time Between

This is that dull time between seasons, when the winter has become boring and routine and the spring’s repeated teasing and retreating is already getting old. My animals are feeling the same way, I think. The goats are impatient for … Continue reading

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