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Planning/Planting Time

This time of the fall things begin to slow down.  Not much left to pick in the garden, nothing to weed.  The days are mild and the nights are pleasantly cool and dry – or wet if it has been … Continue reading

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What a Difference a Green Makes

Okay, three weeks later, the grass is taking hold.  It is spindly and makes you want to tiptoe across it ever so gently, but it is green and feels like spring.  A bit late in September for that, but apparently … Continue reading

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Island in a Sea of Dust

It has come time to put some grass around the new house.  My husband has gone through multiple rounds of Round-Up on the weeds that have sprouted around the house so that now it is one desolate post-apocalyptic dust bowl. … Continue reading

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Dog and Dogwood

At last, we are done planting our landscaping items and everyone is nestled into their new homes.  We are doing our best to keep them all watered.  The first ones we planted seem to have begun spreading out and flourishing, … Continue reading

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Paved Sidewalk – Phase I

Man, have we been working hard!  Joe and I have been out in the yard the last few days, working on a paved walk up to the house.  I am quite impressed with his preparation because he researched everything well … Continue reading

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Finishing off the House with Landscaping

Now that the builders have finally left we are turning our attention to the outside of the house.  We went back to the guy who drew up our master plan for the farm and had him draw up a new … Continue reading

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