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Playing God with the Pond

The pond (Bluestem Pond, we call it), has taught me the need for an ongoing tussle with Mother Nature, who wishes to make it into a cattail garden. Last year, I used a long-handled cutting rake to break them off … Continue reading

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The August Farm Pond

August is an interesting time for a farm pond in Michigan.  We’ve had very little rain for a few weeks and all the ponds in the area are getting a little low.  The frogs who spent their evenings singing in … Continue reading

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Tending the Pond

Our farm pond is a living thing that needs tending just like the farm animals.  The water plants, animals and algae (it is debatable whether algae is plant or animal), change with the temperature, water level, and sunshine.  It has not … Continue reading

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Cattail Slaughter

I was a ravaging barbarian this week.  I went after the cattails in the pond with the Scythe of Death and sliced them off at their roots, dragging to the shore the dried leaves and stems from last year and some … Continue reading

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Springtime 2014 at Bluestem Pond

In less than a week, our pond has completely de-iced.  I got out there yesterday with a rake and pulled out old dried cattail leaves and a layer of algae mixed with fluffy cattail fuzz.  Things are looking good.  Only … Continue reading

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