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The Wasps Move In

This is the time of the year when we begin noticing little wasp nests beginning to form where the roof over-hangs and we sneak around with a broom handle knocking them off. We ran into some flaws in our solar … Continue reading

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Wildflowers for All

A few years ago, we invested in a wildflower planting in the acre of land along the highway out front of our farm. The first year, it was infested with a weed called “mare’s tail” and I spent hours exhaustively … Continue reading

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Field Day

Hooray, it’s that time of year again! Time to burn the prairie and mow down the old dry grass to open up the way for new green shoots to feel the spring sunshine. We divide up our prairie fields into … Continue reading

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A Good Growing Year in Michigan

I feel bad for my farm blogging friends in the west who are struggling with drought, and am all the more grateful for the lush growing season we’ve experienced this year here in Michigan. We were away for a few days … Continue reading

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Little House on the Prairie

I know I’ve published a lot of photos of our field of wildflowers, but I can’t restrain myself from posting just one more.  I am not a good gardener, so this beautiful field that grows without any help from me … Continue reading

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New Wildflowers

Having fields of wildflowers is an exercise in appreciating surprises vs demanding consistency.  Each year, different things come up in different proportions.  The first year we were happily inundated with Brown-eyed Susans.  In each new season, the mixture has changed … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning on the Farm

As I was slaving away cleaning out the pond, my husband climbed aboard his trusty tractor and mowed down the dead grasses to make way for the new spring growth.  Suddenly, you can see the whole property!  The dogs can … Continue reading

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New Arrivals in the Field

It’s always a delight to discover something new growing on the farm.  (Well, not exactly delightful when it is ragweed or poison ivy.)  This morning dawned as a clear blue summer day with a light breeze.  Fionny and I took … Continue reading

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Bergamot and Mystery Plant

Here is one of our wildflowers that really took off this year, called “Wild Bergamot.”  Is it pretty, or what?  I hear that it is from the family of plants that are used to make Earl Grey tea.  I Googled … Continue reading

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Mid-Summer Fields

All this time while we have been preoccupied with landscaping, the farm has been growing and changing in the background.  We burned the fields in the spring but you would never know it because the growth is well over my … Continue reading

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Fionn’s Playground

Our dog, Fionn (pronounced like “fin”), is such a lucky fellow.  He has eight acres of playground to roam, hunt, swim, and get into trouble.  While we are building the house, he has also had extra human playmates around all … Continue reading

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The Charred Fields of Bluestem Pond

We were surprised this weekend to get a call from our local prairie seed provider (Native Connections) that he could take the small window of opportunity and come to burn off our fields after all.  We had given up due … Continue reading

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The “Prescribed Burn”

Way in 2009, we got started planning Bluestem Pond Farm.  If you read my early post about planting the field in prairie grasses and wildflowers, you know that we took our best guess at where the pond and house would one … Continue reading

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Front Porch Gable

The front of the house is taking its final shape, as the builders have constructed the gable over the front porch stairs.  I like it! Now we are really starting to look like a bungalow, the style that Joe and … Continue reading

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