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Spring is Back On Track

It looks like we survived all the freezing nights, and things are springing up in earnest now. It feels so great to wander the farm to find new sprouts and see and hear the wildlife coming out of hibernation. I … Continue reading

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Pre-Green Farm

It’s been cold, cold, cold, but the weatherman predicts a high of 58 degrees today. The sun was sparkling off the pond so beautifully that I could imagine the lawn green and the fields sprouting the beginnings of fresh grasses for … Continue reading

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New Picture of the Farm

It’s not always a sunny day in summer, is it? I decided I needed to trudge out into the melting snow drifts and capture the farm in the winter, edging into spring. Next week is going back to cold, but … Continue reading

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Spring Scenes

It is almost summer, but technically still spring.  We are enjoying our own strawberries and the last of our asparagus, and I am watching my little seedlings pop up out of the garden soil.  This mixture of harvest and expectation is … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning on the Farm

As I was slaving away cleaning out the pond, my husband climbed aboard his trusty tractor and mowed down the dead grasses to make way for the new spring growth.  Suddenly, you can see the whole property!  The dogs can … Continue reading

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Cattail Slaughter

I was a ravaging barbarian this week.  I went after the cattails in the pond with the Scythe of Death and sliced them off at their roots, dragging to the shore the dried leaves and stems from last year and some … Continue reading

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Spring Haircut

I put this off as long as I could, but with the warmer weather the time had come for Fionn to get his winter coat trimmed.  It had gotten so long and thick it just begged for hugs.  Wheaten Terriers … Continue reading

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Spring comes to Bluestem Pond

So, yesterday was the first day of spring, and we’ve been making headway in the normal Michigan back-and-forth manner.  A couple days of 40’s, followed by a snowstorm and back into the 20’s.  Today the world is a magical wonderland … Continue reading

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