New Breakfast Spot

Eddy and Ely are the best of friends who can’t abide being apart and will tell me so with frantic “Baaaaa-ing” when I pull one into the barn for maintenance. Still, when it comes to breakfast time, Eddy rudely shoves Ely out of the way with his shoulders and his horns so he can get most of it to himself. For this reason, last year we put in a long narrow feeding trough to hang from inside their shed. It was much more difficult for Eddy to hog the whole 30 inches of feeding area, so they both got their fair share.

Goat breakfastThis winter, though, I got tired of climbing over the electric fence and walking carefully through the ice and snow to deliver their breakfast in bed. I knew it’d just be a matter of time before I slipped and fell on my backside. I changed to feeding them together from a big flat rubber bowl. It did bother me to see Eddy going back to his greedy ways, but I pushed it out of my mind in the interests of safety and convenience (mine.)

Recently, I told my handy-man husband that I’d be so happy if only I could feed them from the long trough but not have to cross the fence. He was in a creative mood, so he built me this cool new feeding station. Painted to match the barn, yet! It has a nice little roof to protect the food from the rain and snow, although the goats seldom leave their breakfast in the trough longer than it takes to gobble it all down.

The boys seem quite happy with it already. They were unsure tonight whether to dance over to the breakfast station or wait by the hay feeder. Both are so fun!

About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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3 Responses to New Breakfast Spot

  1. A very snazzy new eating place, indeed! I love your animals. Knowing them a little bit through your blog, satisfies that place in me that wants to bring creatures of all kinds home with me . . . I live in a neighborhood, so probably not the best thing. Happy eating, boys.

  2. bluestempond says:

    I am having trouble resisting the urge to expand into ducks and sheep. I think it’s the mother in me.

  3. Ann Coleman says:

    What a creative solution! Your husband is a wise man.

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