Horn Quintet

I play the french horn, in fact I have done so since elementary school with a 30-year break to have babies and build a career. Now, in retirement, I am back to playing in a couple bands but the pandemic has thrown that all into chaos. The St. Joseph Municipal band normally plays at a city park in the summer but had to get creative about finding safe ways to perform. I was excited when they invited me to help out, and I offered our farm for the horn section to record where the outdoor breezes could blow away any viruses.

We were featured in their weekly YouTube video, so if you’d like to hear it you can click HERE. (Our group comes up about 10 minutes into the video.) Since then, they asked me to record a part in a Sousa march where each band member records themselves individually while listening to the master recording in one ear. Some master editor then puts them all together and decides whose pictures to show at what time. It should be fun to see.

About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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2 Responses to Horn Quintet

  1. Kim Gorman says:

    That was so lovely! And the barn is the perfect backdrop, like Aunty Em’s farm!

  2. sallytrout says:

    Hi Nancy my sister Joy still plays the French horn too. It is lovely to think I can reach out to you because of this music. Sally Worland really, I added Trout myself

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