Mid-January Progress

The house is coming right along, of course not as fast as I wish.  The painter has been here for a few days, and he has only two rooms left to paint.  I’d just about forgotten what we’d chosen so it is really exciting to see color bringing some personality into the place.  I’ll take a picture at the end of the week.  The builder’s crew has been picking away at the details — siding trim pieces, bead board in the porch ceilings, and decking.  The poor guys are working in really cold windy conditions outside and I feel sorry for them.  I hope they get a heat wave when it is time to put on the siding.  I think they are working outside to make room for the painter, and before that, the drywall guys.

Today we verified the lighting fixtures and picked out the colors for the windows on the screen porch.  We are using a product called Eze-Breeze Windows, which promises to be pretty slick.  You can flip between a plastic window that is unbreakable or a screen on any of 4-5 sections vertically on each panel.  I’m expecting the dog to bang his nose into the window sometimes and the ads say you can pound it with a fist and it will stretch right back into shape.  I’ll show pictures when it is all in place (soon, I hope!)


Here is a picture of the back porch I took last week.  Notice the “bead board” installed in the ceiling.  In addition, you can see the french doors that lead out to the porch and off to the right you can see the pond.  We actually did have a mini-thaw a few days ago and most of the ice melted away.  Now it is back to the 10-foot diameter hole in the center.  The pond seems alive and breathing.  If you push your foot down on the ice at the edge you can watch ripples transmit under the ice, bubble up in a ring in the hole, and come together into a bulls-eye in the center.  Fun with Physics!

About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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