Loving the Sunshine

angora goat

Spring is surely just around the corner! It’s 34 degrees out, but the sun is shining and the wind is blowing across the muddy fields and driveway and beginning to dry them out. The goats are starting to play with each other, butting heads and trying to knock each other off their spools. Their lives are going to get much more interesting than the dull patterns of walking from the shed to the food to the shed to the food to the…. well, you get my drift.

I went out to visit this afternoon and gave them each a big hug. Ely, the black faced goat, had mud smeared all over his head, which is unusual. I wondered what he’d been up to. As I returned to the barn, I noticed that the gate that keeps them away from the chicken coop was missing. What?! As the temperature shifts, I’d had trouble keeping it square and the latch wouldn’t hold it tightly. I figured my husband had taken it off the hinges to fix it and didn’t tell me, but I couldn’t find it in the barn. Surely, no one had come and stolen it! I gave it one last look around and saw a glint in the middle of the pasture. Ely must have
hooked it onto his horns, lifted it off the hinges, and then dragged or pushed it 50 yards across the field. Crazy goats. Just another symptom of spring fever, I guess.

Mickey the barn cat was loving the sunshine on the concrete. He stretched and yawned, hoping I’d reach down and rub his tummy so he could grab my hands and wrestle. I caught him mid-yawn and he looks quite fierce. The other cat was out prowling. This time of the year, I find many rodent trophies lying here and there waiting for my praises. We got the cats to keep the mice population down and they are doing their jobs efficiently. It’s a little gross, but whatever.

Wheaten Terrier

Fionny, my Wheaten Terrier, is full into his winter coat and looks like a bear. I will have to give him a bath and a haircut soon, but just like the goats, he is quite huggable right now. The grooming table is currently shoved into a corner of the basement because we are in the middle of building a play room and bedroom down there. We have already sanded and primed the drywall and today we gave both rooms a first coat of paint. After painting comes laying the floor, the trim, and finally decorating. By then, it will be time to shift our attention outside for the spring farming chores. I love this life!

About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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  1. Your dog looks like your goats! SOOOO cute.

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