Crafty Stuff

I’ve been on a creative kick the last couple of weeks and I want to show off a couple of my latest projects. First, here is an old jute rug that had faded in the sun and suffered water damage from rain blowing into the back porch. I restored some of the old color and then painted it with a stencil to make it interesting and camouflage the present and future stains. Down below this picture, I’ll rewind to show the process.

Here is the rug after I soaked it in a 40-gallon trash can with olive green dye. It weighed a ton and was stiff and misshapen. I took a rake and pounded out the lumps until it was more or less flat, then gave it a few days to dry out. Today I used a stencil and painted exterior latex paint over it in twenty blocks. It was tedious but I get such satisfaction from bringing something back to life that it was worth it to me. I really think the result is fantastic!

Second, I have been experimenting with my loom and trying some harder techniques with leftover yarn, just to see if I can make them work. This project used “overshot”, something totally new to me. I had some troubles and learned some things, but the end result was pretty nice. I am okay with some flaws, and the next time will be better due to the things I learned.

Made up into pillow covers

About bluestempond

Hobby farmer living at Bluestem Pond in Michigan.
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6 Responses to Crafty Stuff

  1. Mary Lister says:

    Totally awesome and beautiful works of art! I think your mother would have loved all your creations and hard work, although they all seem to be created from your heart. My family members immensely enjoy your blog!

  2. bluestempond says:

    How sweet of you to say so!

  3. So talented, just love your creativity. Like you I love to revamp and repurpose. Your rug is amazing and the weaving just beautiful and vibrant.

  4. Stephanie Grathwol says:

    Great rug rescuitation!

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